Sustainability Goals

There are many situations where our sustainability initiatives coincide with and complement our customers’ activities and sustainability goals.

Packaging solutions for the beverage industry

Our Fulton, NY facility produces a variety of labels primarily for the beverage industry. As part of a widespread initiative to reduce waste, this facility partnered with beverage companies to design a reduced packaging solution to securely deliver labels. The solution effectively ships label runs without using wasteful cardboard cartons or boxes. This redesign saves more than 56,000 pounds of cardboard per year. The end boards that help secure the shipments are also reused adding to the circular flow of resources.

Intelligent label placement

Another process that is significantly reducing waste involves intelligent label placement. By modifying the graphics and label spacing, this facility can increase the number of labels per material area and significantly reduce the amount of substrate needed. This team prides itself on the amount of harmful substances it prevents, from ending up in the environment. They collect and recycle 85% of their solvent. This leads to 300 drums of solvent being recycled per month. Through careful planning and developing formulas, this team has reused and repurposed roughly 6,000 pounds of ink in the first 6 months of implementation. These activities, combined with other energy efficiencies and employee training, cover the full spectrum of sustainable practices at the Fulton, NY facility.

TKevin Milesransitioning to a boxless pallet is a win-win-win situation that everyone feels great about. Both MCC and the converted customer see the immediate impact of less handling and more efficient processing, along with knowing you’ve made a positive change to our environment

Kevin Miles, Plant Operations at MCC Fulton, NY, USA

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