Beverage manufacturers from around the globe are rapidly converting to the graphic and performance benefits of pressure sensitive labels. However, traditional constructions are not compatible with returnable bottle systems. Standard non-returnable (one-way) pressure sensitive labels do not release cleanly in the bottle washing process, causing efficiency and contamination issues. Richard Gilliatt, Technical Director and lead in the development of wash-off labels explains how MCC are addressing the problem with their ThermoWash™ technology.

What is ThermoWash™?
Pressure Sensitive Labels, engineered especially for returnable glass. Printed on MCC’s wash off material, the single use labels easily detach from bottles in the washer. This technology is designed to be complimentary to the traditional paper wash-off labels, requiring no changes to the majority of bottle washing machines. 

How does the technology work?
The face material of ThermoWash™ is made from shrinkable film combined with a custom-designed adhesive within a traditional pressure sensitive construction. The label is designed to detach cleanly from the bottle and is easily removable from the bottle washer.

Are there design limitations?
No, this technology allows all the aesthetic and design benefits of traditional pressure-sensitive labels. We have seen excellent graphic reproduction with the incorporation of specialty inks, the use of high-opacity white ink and brilliant metallic inks. ThermoWash™ technology also allows to run label promotions for limited time periods without requiring any changes to the bottle. 

What is the environmental impact?
The inks and adhesives remain attached to the label substrate through the entire label removal process. If ThermoWash™ labels are separated from other waste material in the washer, these labels can be recycled as mixed plastic where local regulations permit.

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