When it comes to packaging, less is more. MCC’s Global R&D team developed a range of technologies that allow our customers to reduce their overall material usage.

Pressure Sensitive Labels
MCC has led a film weight reduction program over recent years that has seen face stock reduced by 33% and liner by 25%. This development leads to less raw materials used and less liner waste that needs to be recycled, effectively reducing the overall CO2 footprint.

Neck Foil
The MCC R&D team have developed a remarkably thin neck foil label which uses an 8.8 my, soft-tampered, aluminum foil alloy. In addition to material savings of 8%, the new neck foil has a positive impact on waste water used during the returned bottle-cleaning process. The thinner foil completely dissolves in the caustic bath, extending the caustic wash efficiency by up to 10%. This leads to lower hydrogen emissions and thus less heat dissipation from the washer.

Alternative Materials
In addition to light weighting, MCC is working with a variety of alternative material options. In cooperation with our suppliers we are working on multiple innovations, including: 

  • A Marble Waste face stock containing 80% marble mining waste with up to 20% recycled polyethylene, delivering a matte soft touch effect. 
  • Grapetouch, a paper face stock made from 15 percent grape waste sourced from wine production. The remaining paper contains 40% of post-consumer recycled fibres and 45% virgin wood pulp.
  • A range of Bio-based films, derived from plant based materials and recyclable within existing recycling streams

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