RecycLABEL® PSL. Simply the most sustainable choice

Simply Beverages became the category leader in the juice category by moving from a traditional gable top cardboard container to a PET carafe with pressure-sensitive labels.

The Challenge
Sustainability is a requirement at Coca-Cola. Therefore, Simply Orange RecycLABELmoving to a PET carafe with pressure-sensitive labels meant that they needed to find a label that would maintain recyclability of the carafe without a major price increase.

Our Solution - recycLABEL®
The pressure-sensitive label detaches cleanly from the PET bottle, making it completely compatible with the PET recycling process

  • Recognised by the APR (Association of Plastic Recyclers) and EPBP (European PET Bottle Platform) 
  • Proprietary adhesive, film, and ink detach cleanly from the bottle so there is no contamination 
  • Improves brands’ environmental status

The Results
The entire Simply Beverages portfolio has been successfully converted to recycLABEL®. The client is very happy with the shelf impact, recyclability and cost of the product.

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