Mosaic lets customers identify with Kumala

After a successful campaign with Echo Falls, Accolade Wines worked with MCC to further explore digital printing options, in particular the HP ‘Mosaic’ digital printing technology. Mosaic printing is a digital print solution that uses a seed design file to generate millions of unique labels. On the Kumala brand you will see the lizard shape is the area that utilised the mosaic software. Mosaic can be applied to an entire background, an enclosed shape, or a combination if desired. In addition to the Mosaic printing, a screen-printed tactile coating was added to the label for an additional premium effect. Accolade Wines was very pleased with the result. Consumers can now go to the store aisle and pick their favourite, unique label design for the Kumala brand.


Kumala Mosaic

Going from only one static design, to now having stunning labels where no two are the same is a massive improvement that plays perfectly into today’s individualisation trend.

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