Meet Resin, our unique – not just a – label

Imagine a very sophisticated wax seal, able to be made in different sizes, colors and formats. That’s our unique Resin label. Use your creativity and imagination, and everything is possible. This is your opportunity to enhance and give more value to your packaging.

A much more manual process

Resin is printed and produced like a normal self-adhesive label, with an extra – much more manual – process. This last step is the part where the Resin is added. The labels go through a 100% quality check: every single label passes the final quality stage. Which reduces the quality complaints on the final appearance of the label to zero.

How to apply?

Resin labels can be send on a reel. The application method is exactly the same as other self-adhesive labels. If it is the first time, you’ll need to check some small settings: sometimes a sensor will need to be changed. Also the beak should be very curved. If it’s too sharp, it can cause delamination of the labels.

For all markets, everywhere

We produce yearly around 50 million Resin labels for customers all over the world, in all types of markets: from candles over wine bottles to coffee bags. If you have interest in a Resin label, we will show you over 20 different types of Resin labels to be inspired, as this label is so versatile.

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