Limited edition customization goes collectable

Heineken has a global partnership with Formula 1®, and wanted to do something special for the return of the Grand Prix to the Zandvoort circuit in the Netherlands. The idea was to customize its bottles with a limited edition series of Formula 1® labels.

"We make Limited Editions for platforms like UCL, Rugby, Formula 1, Bond movies and festive labels so we get more excitement for our consumers in the Off and On Premise channels." Ramses Dingenouts, Senior Packaging & Identity Design Manager, Heineken International.

There are 22 labels in the collection, each one displays the country and their race track. Designed by VBAT and printed by Multi-Color Corporation in Helligenstadt, Germany. Due to the amount of different colours on the 22 variable flag designs it was a challenging label to print. The labels incorporate CMYK colours, 2 x white and high brilliance silver for a premium look.

“MCC is very cooperative and make the most complicated jobs simple. This project had impossibilities from a design point of view but MCC always make it happen.”

Ramses Dingenouts, Senior Packaging & Identity Design Manager, Heineken International.
Limited Edition Heineken Bottles

ThermoWash® for returnable glass

We used a filmic pressure-sensitive labeling technology. This allows the reuse of the glass bottles. The pressure sensitive, returnable labels were printed on our wash off material called ThermoWash®. This way, the Heineken bottle can be rebranded for later use. Offering the same graphic and performance benefits of traditional, single use pressure-sensitive labels.

Benefits of ThermoWash®

  • Easily detach from bottles during the washing process.
  • Engineered especially for returnable glass.
  • Complimentary to the traditional paper wash-off labels, requiring no changes to the majority of bottle washing machines.
  • Brand owners can enjoy all the aesthetic and design benefits of clear-film pressure-sensitive labels.
  • Bottles can be rebranded for every use.

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