Hite Extra Cold

As developed markets have become more saturated, consumers are increasingly looking for differentiation and individualisation. With digital and gravure printing options MCC’s Multiple image labels allow individuals to express themselves through their purchasing decision. 

HiteJinro, Koreas No. 1 alcoholic drink company have and Multi-Color have had a successful partnership for decades. A partnership driven by offering innovative and premium label solutions, this vibrant project was no different, with 72 different designs of body labels, all randomly mixed. These fun designs with powerful colors were printed rotogravure on high wet strength metallized paper. In addition, the bottle was given the touch of perfection with one of MCC’s premium foil neck labels, delivering the clear message to enjoy Extra Cold and underlining the preciousness of Korea’s famous beer.

Altogether, a truly cool and colorful promotion which really made an impact in the market and highlighting Multi-Color’s philosophy of delivering the world’s best premium label solutions to our clients around the globe.

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