Cheers! Prost! TChin-TChin!

For the past few years Heineken in France has embarked upon a vibrant summer campaign featuring mixed design, pressure sensitive labels. Consumers appreciate the collectible and variable element of the designs and the promotion has received a fantastic market response.

Multi-Color have been proudly printing the variable labels since the campaign began in 2016 with the Countries edition - a huge hit in France amongst consumers and retailers. In 2017 Heineken linked the campaign to CSR commitments, providing added value. In 2018 Heineken engaged international artists to create 20 unique designs. The promotion was a big success, making Heineken the number 1 alcoholic brand, in value, in France.

HeinekenThe 2019 concept will be another original promotion. The tradition of clinking bottles or glasses before having a drink is a universal gesture of conviviality. Inspired by this simple act, Heineken and their creative designers have developed a range of label designs. 

Longstanding partner Multi-Color brought the illustrations to life by creating a unique print specification using sub-surface gravure technology. Encompassing 20 countries (2 per continent) each design displays a regional expression for Cheers.

The Tchin/Cheers project is printed at MCC Wales. High gloss metallics are elevated by an over laminate to maximise shelf impact. As with previous campaigns, MCC mixed the variable images across the web to create the collectible, multi-image element. 

Heineken Cheers! Variable Printing

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